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I am a child of the Great Depression who lived the American dream, one far greater than I could imagine.

Since I was a veteran of World War II, the GI Bill made it possible for me to finish my university education debt free. It made it possible to get a loan for my first home. While teaching, I completed my doctorate.

At the time I needed help, my country provided the start. With its investment in me, America gained a taxpayer never to be on the "dole."

In 1981, Ronald Reagan was elected president, and in 1986, I was elected Salt Lake County commissioner (Republican). I have long fought for equal rights for all. However, today's Republican Party is not the same party.

Young people today are about to lose their opportunity to live that American dream. If we want taxpayers tomorrow, we must invest in our young people now.

At age 90, I have little to gain personally in this election, but I want others to have the same opportunities I did. That is why I am voting for all Democratic candidates this year. At this crossroad, it is not the time to vote against your own future and the American dream.

William L. Hutchinson

North Salt Lake

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