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Jon Sebba's "Hatch's clueless vote" (Forum, Sept. 17) struck a cord. Sebba notes that Sen. Orrin Hatch is leading the charge to stop the president from allowing states flexibility in their welfare rules if they boost "the move from welfare to work" simply because "Congress didn't originate the idea" and the president did.

During World War II, my duties in the Navy were in the port directors office in the Palau group of Pacific islands. After we established a water shuttle from our island to the command island, we were constantly asked: When does the next shuttle leave? I suggested to our chief to post the schedule. His response: "That's a good idea, but it would have been a better one if I had thought of it."

To all politicians: If a proposal is good for the country, get it passed, and do not worry about getting or giving credit.

Lamar E. Day

Salt Lake City

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