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According to the Utah GOP, voters should reject four Republican state representatives and four Republican senators running for re-election this year.

A Republican Party mailer targeting voters in the Holladay area recently blasted Democratic Rep. Carol Moss for being in the Legislature too long. She has been in the House since 2000 and the mailer said that 12 years means its time to quit.

So, based on that premise, Republican Reps. Roger Barrus (elected in 2000), Wayne Harper (elected in 1996), Becky Lockhart (elected in 1998), and Mel Brown (elected in 2006 but had served for many years prior to that), should be sent home.

Same for Sens. Curt Bramble (elected in 2000), Scott Jenkins (elected in 2000), Lyle Hillyard (elected in 1984), and John Valentine (elected in 1998).

The mailer said that her 12-year tenure made Moss a career politician. It didn't mention she was a public school teacher for 32 years before joining the Legislature

When speaking of serving too long in elective office, there is that little matter of Orrin Hatch.

The ivory tower: I have pointed out when politicians and government officials sit in their idling cars in Salt Lake City, which violates the city's anti-idling ordinance. So it's only fair to call out the Fox 13 news truck parked west of the Leonardo building, with the engine idling way beyond the two-minute limit.

Mindy Tueller, who was enjoying a stroll around Library Square with her family on a recent Sunday, said she approached the truck and asked the men inside if they were aware of the idling ordinance. She was told that news vehicles are not bound by the ordinance, but when she asked why, neither man knew.

Actually, they are not, unless the engine is needed to operate specific equipment.

They were not in the process of any kind of filming or remote broadcasting, so there was no need to keep the engine going for television equipment. They acknowledged to Tueller they were enjoying the air conditioning.

Take what you can get: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Scott Howell has been in 40 parades in cities and towns throughout Utah since he began his campaign earlier this year.

On Sept. 7, Howell and his entourage hustled to Brigham City for the Peach Day Parade after appearing in a community parade in St. George the day before.

When they got to Brigham City, officials said they were not registered for the parade. Howell's campaign manager begged to differ, showing copies of the registration forms. So, the officials shrugged and said OK.

As Howell began walking along the parade route, he noticed he was surrounded by little children, also walking or riding in floats and waving to the crowd. In fact, Howell was the only adult in the parade.

It was the Kiddie Peach Day Parade. The adult parade was the next day. That's when all the other politicians participated.

But Howell says he was the only candidate getting exposure on Friday, so he'll take the good will.

Heeeeee's back: A Tribune reporter was interviewing West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder last week about the alleged scandal involving the Chinese Heritage Gate when Winder tried to change the subject.

At one point, he said, "Let me put my Richard Burwash hat on and try to think like a journalist."

Sorry Mayor Winder. I've known journalists. Journalists have been friends of mine. Richard Burwash, sir, is no journalist.

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