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Mitt Romney the MBA problem-solver was initially right on things, and then he became a presidential politician and he changed to grovel to his party's base.

He was initially right on abortion, gay rights and universal health care. He was right after the convention when he told an audience that he'd keep the good things about RomneyObamacare, like killing pre-existing conditions, before he walked back from that the next day.

Romney was right last summer about not paying a penny more in taxes than the law requires, and now he's paid more just for appearances' sake.

No one should be fooled. We won't get Romney the problem-solver for president; we'll get Romney the wishy-washy politician.

This campaign has clearly shown us how Romney will govern: He's a leaf unconnected from his value tree and its nourishing roots, blown about by every wind of popularity and opportunity.

André Barclay

Salt Lake City

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