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We pay 35 percent of our income in taxes to the federal government — 20 percent more than Gov. Mitt Romney does, and we do not hide our income overseas.

This country and our families provided us opportunities not available to others. We support having our tax dollars spent on health care for the poor (kids cannot learn if their teeth or ears hurt), food for families barely making it, education for our future generation, college loans to give young people the opportunities we had, infrastructure, teachers, police and firefighters.

Romney let this country down by not investing through his taxes in what makes this country — opportunity for all.

Romney didn't have a special needs child dropped from his insurance plan, forcing him to declare bankruptcy. Nor did he grow up in a struggling single-parent family, so how could he understand that those people are not freeloaders.

For one trying to represent all Americans — including those not blessed with his intelligence, education, health (and health care) and opportunities — his lack of compassion and empathy is appalling.

No one has been as influential as Romney in encouraging us to support and finance the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama's re-election.

Robert and Barbara Ward

Park City

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