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"Israel has tanks, bombs, and probably even nukes. If they want to fight Iran, let them do it on their own."

— flibbidydibbidydob

commenting on the Oct. 1 Tribune editorial, "Iran and Israel: U.S. must not be drawn into war"

"In a world where at least half of its inhabitants go to bed hungry at night, I couldn't care less about a bunch of stupid white people having a gigabit per second download speed."

— Armand Winter

commenting on the Sept. 30 column, "Cities should provide fiber infrastructure," by Pete Ashdown

"I would love to hear his thoughts on the state of media today."

— trustbucket

commenting on the Oct. 2 article, "Jack Gallivan, longtime Tribune publisher, dies at 97"

"In a country that truly valued education the captain of the debate team would 'get the girl,' not the captain of the football team."

— tck62

commenting on the Oct. 3 op-ed by Don Gale, "The tyranny of athletics"

"It's not about who is the better debater; it's about whose philosophy we want directing our country."

— utecougar

commenting on the Oct. 3 Tribune editorial, "Debate disappoints: Grumpy vs. misleading"

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