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In "Romney let us down" (Forum, Oct. 1), Robert and Barbara Ward state: "Romney let this country down by not investing through his taxes in what makes this country — opportunity for all." Are they serious?

Mitt Romney pays more in taxes than many earn in a lifetime. He also compassionately donates millions to charities, which directly help the less fortunate much more effectively than the federal government uses those "invested" tax dollars.

Government was never meant to oversee every segment of our lives. What is letting us down is that so many Americans are stuck on unemployment and welfare. What kind of opportunity is that? They do not pay taxes because they do not have and cannot find jobs.

The percentage of tax that Romney pays is not letting us down. It is President Barack Obama's "change" that has spun out of control, creating non-stop spending, unheard-of debt and high unemployment. Where is the opportunity now? Waiting for more taxes so that real investment will all but disappear?

Obama's change is not only letting us down, it is bringing us down. Romney is not letting Americans down; he is trying to help bring us back up.

Stephanie Holloway


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