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Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has crafted a proposal to revise Medicare that he claims is necessary and fair. Its most significant changes (including replacing guaranteed health care with vouchers) apply to those under 55, a group that includes 42-year-old Ryan.

If Ryan truly believes his proposal is fair, he should publicly agree to replace his current medical coverage with his recommended Medicare program.

Further, I suggest he recruit a majority of current Republican members of Congress (as well as Republican candidates running for office) who are under 55 to similarly disavow their current medical coverage, to be replaced by any altered Medicare program enacted by Congress.

Any changes in Medicare ought to apply to all citizens. Especially those responsible for making the changes ought to be able to live with them.

Of course, any reluctance on the part of Ryan or others in his party to commit to live by any new Medicare rules would clearly indicate where the truth lies. If the recommended changes are not good enough for them, how can they be good enough for the average American citizen?

What's good for the goose …

Dudley McIlhenny

Salt Lake City

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