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Some notes from Ty Corbin from the Jazz's morning practice...

After one day of two-a-days, Corbin commended his team for being in shape, saying they did not get tired until near the end of Tuesday's full contact evening practice.

"It was a long day," Corbin said. "But they're picking the stuff up, they're working hard, the guys are in pretty good shape, just so much yesterday, I thought at the end it got a little ragged."

He added: "When you get into structure and drills that we do it gets a little wearing after you go to morning session and you go through three-quarters of the afternoon session. The last quarter of it your body's beat up." Second-year center Enes Kanter's fitness has already achieved mythic levels, given photos he tweeted in the offseason and recent admissions of a significant diet adjustment.

Corbin was asked if Kanter, who reported at 242 pounds, lost too much weight in the offseason. The coach quickly dismissed the idea.

"He's a young guy that's trying to figure out his body," Corbin said, "and over the next few years he may go through stretches where he's a little heavier, a little smaller, to figure what gives him the best chance of being effective in this league."

Corbin also addressed the Jazz's overall size. In addition to four quality post players in Kanter, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors who will all demand time, Corbin noted that the Jazz got bigger throughout the lineup in the offseason.

Small forward Marvin Williams, the second overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, is listed at 6-foot-9. The Jazz acquired him in exchange for point guard Devin Harris. Harris's replacement, 6-foot-1 Mo Williams, is shorter by two inches, but bulkier.

"We've gotten bigger," Corbin said. "Marvin Williams is a big guy, Mo Williams for a point, is a good sized point guard and Randy Foye is a pretty big point, two man. So the guys we're bringing back in Derrick, Enes, Paul and Al are big guys. So we can be big as a collective group, with Gordon playing the two, three. He's a big guy. So our size and the way we can move with the size on the floor would be a good change for us."

— Bill Oram

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