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The Transportation Security Administration is warning airline passengers they are not allowed to fly with stun guns.

The warning, issued Monday, comes after a rash of incidents in which passengers were found with the devices — including one on Sunday at Salt Lake City International Airport. In all, TSA says, nine stun guns were confiscated from airline passengers last week alone.

In the Utah case, the female passenger was allowed to continue her flight out of Salt Lake City after she surrendered her pink-colored stun gun, which had been discovered inside a carry-on bag.

"This event serves as a good opportunity to remind the traveling public that stun guns are always prohibited in carry-on baggage," said Homeland Security spokeswoman Lorie Dankers. "If traveling with a stun gun, please place it in your checked baggage."

For further information of prohibited items passengers are encouraged to either download the TSA's Mobile app and check its "Can I Bring?" function, or visit the TSA's website.

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