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Second debate heats up. 'Binders full of women' takes off. 20 days until Election Day.

Happy Wednesday. President Barack Obama made an aggressive showing at last night's debate, a hefty contrast to his performance at the first. Mitt Romney was equally aggressive, often dismissing moderator Candy Crowley's attempts to control the flow of conversation. [Trib] [FoxNews] [NBSNews]

-> As promised, Crowley played an active, steering role. At one point, she even fact-checked Romney and sought to keep candidates on topic. [WaPost] [USAToday] (More debate news below)

Topping the news: Utah's tax revenues are predicted to grow by $100 million in the coming year, alongside increased job growth, wages and retail sales. [Trib] [UtahPolicy]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert's latest appointment to the State Records Committee, ex-Rep. Holly Richardson, won't get a hearing and could be confirmed today despite a protest by a group that says the nomination is being ramrodded. [Trib] [DNews] [Herald]

-> Ross Perot endorses Romney for president. [HuffPost]

More debate coverage: When Romney tried to make the point that he had filled several top spots as Massachusetts governor with women, he uttered a line that lit up social media and Democrats, "I brought us whole binders full of - of women." [ABCNews]

-> The Democratic SuperPAC American Bridge-21st Century is already out with

-> The Washington Post's "Fix" lays out the winners and loser from last night's debate, slotting Obama in the first category and Romney in the second. [WaPost]

-> Romney called out China for a fake Apple Store, though the faux shop does sell actual Apple products. [WSJ]

-> Bob Bernick says Crowley was the winner of the debate. [UtahPolicy]

-> Top lines of the night: [Trib]. And a transcript for your reading pleasure: [NYTimes].

Happy birthday: To state Rep. Mike Noel.

Tweet of the day: From @DouthatNYT: "Is there nobody in Team Romney who can persuade him to stop arguing the rules?"

From @anjeanettec: "Any minute now Paul Ryan is gonna jump onstage start doing dishes. #debate"

From @hunterschwarz: "Are binders full of women public record under Massachusetts state law?"

Happening today: Sen. Orrin Hatch and his Democratic challenger, Scott Howell, will face each other in their only televised debate today. You can follow along at 10 a.m. (Mountain) at or watch it on KUED, KBYU or KUEN at 9 p.m. The candidates will appear on KSL radio for their second and final debate on Oct. 26. [Trib]

In other news: Tensions rise as the attorney general candidates discuss payday lending, fundraising and the control of public lands. [Trib]

-> Donna McAleer, Democratic newcomer and challenger to Rep. Rob Bishop, nearly doubled the 10-year incumbent's donations in the past three months. [Trib]

-> Polls in the 4th District race are just too erratic and too close to call. [Herald]

-> Pat Bagley notes that BYU fans are backing the red candidate while Utah fans support the blue one. [Trib]

-> The state's plans to reduce PM 2.5 will have direct effects on local business. [Trib]

-> Utah faces a deadline in less than a month on whether it will expand Medicaid. [Trib]

-> Among metropolitan areas with a population of over 1 million, Salt Lake City had the ninth-highest average annual GDP growth rate from 2001-2010. [DNews]

-> Paul Rolly discusses the National Republican Committee's demand to have Democrat Ben McAdams remove the GOP elephant logo from his Facbeook page — and the Republican's slower response to an "unofficial" state GOP page. [Trib]

2012 watch: Four of the six studies that Romney's cites as proof of his tax plan's feasibility aren't products of formal quantitative research. [WaPost]

-> Romney has always been a rule guy. [BuzzFeed]

-> Pennsylvania, a state that hasn't voted Republican since 1988, is within arm's reach for Romney. [WaTimes]

-> Former President Bill Clinton continues to campaign on Obama's behalf, stopping in Green Bay, Wisc., on Friday. [Politico]

-> Romney's campaign on Tuesday filed suit against Wisconsin, demanding a five-day extension for military voters' absentee ballots to be returned. [HuffPost]

-> The Democratic National Committee puts forth an edgy campaign effort in the form of a website called "" with a "get the details" button that runs away from your mouse.

Where are they?

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon meets with the Mountain Transportation Executive Committee before arriving at a daffodil planting in honor of YWCA's Week Against Violence.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker also attends the transportation meeting and daffodil planting.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder attends a Cub Scout pack meeting.

President Barack Obama campaigns in Iowa.

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