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Have a story about how the switch between Brian Johnson and Aaron Roderick has affected the two. Both seem much happier with Johnson saying he feels more comfortable down on the field. Roderick had a similar answer to his new spot in the booth and said he feels too much has been made of the switch. Nevertheless, you have to wonder where Roderick would be now if he had remained with Steve Sarkisian when he originally joined the Washington staff as the receivers coach in 2009. That gig lasted less than two weeks before Roderick had a change of heart and returned to Utah. Since then he has been a co-offensive coordinator, a receivers coach and now a passing coordinator for the Utes. Think he would have been better off sticking with Sarkisian, who was BYU's quarterback while Roderick was a receiver? Roderick said he isn't one to think about things and isn't looking back. "I love it here and this is home," he said. "You don't look back on things like that." We'll have to see whether Roderick is happy enough to remain with the Utes or if he'll seek out new opportunities elsewhere when the season is over. One thing is certain though, his current stint is only going to add to his resume. As for going up against Sarkisian, Roderick said Saturday's game won't be anything special to him. "We go up against guys we know every week," he said. "The fact we know each other is just more publicized." - Lya Wodraska

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