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The list of Sundance competition films is out, and here are some with music involved:

U.S. Dramatic Competition"In a World…" • Actress Lake Bell ("Children's Hospital") makes her writing-directing debut in this comedy, playing a vocal coach who dreams of being a voice-over star like her father (Fred Melamed), the king of movie-trailer voice-overs. The cast includes Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins and Ken Marino.U.S. Documentary Competition"Narco Cultura" • Two people — a "narcocorrido" singer in L.A. and a crime scene investigator in Juarez — illustrate the influence of Mexico's drug cartels on pop culture on both sides of the border, in this film by director Shaul Schwarz."Twenty Feet From Stardom" • Morgan Neville ("Troubadours," Sundance '11) puts back-up singers in the spotlight for a change, chronicling the lives of those who bring harmony to your favorite performers. World Cinema Documentary Competition"Pussy Riot — A Punk Prayer" • (Russian Federation, U.K.) The courtroom ordeal of three young women, members of the activist punk band Pussy Riot, for a satirical performance in a Moscow cathedral puts Russian society in the dock alongside the band in this documentary directed by Mike Lerner and Maxim Poxdorovkin.

As for non-competition films (which are TBD at this point) IMDB is predicting that Dave Grohl's documentary "Sound City:Reel to Reel" will debut at Sundance, though that has not been confirmed. And Glenn Frey told the AP that an Eagles documentary will be screened at the fest.

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