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Jazz point guard Mo Williams made a national TV appearance Tuesday, sitting in for six minutes on "Rome," Jim Rome's daily talk show on CBS Sports. With Doug Gottlieb guest hosting, Williams addressed a broad range of questions including Chauncey Billups' apparent flop late in Monday's Jazz loss, LeBron James, and whether he prefers being a role player or a "star."

Williams joined the show from the George E. Wahlen VA Hospital in Salt Lake City, one of several hospital stops for the Jazz on Tuesday as part of their holiday outreach program.

How do you go from emotional loss to trying to cheer up veterans? | You said it, to cheer them I think we take so much emotions from the basketball game and when you come to the hospital you meet these guys and whatever they're going through. You start to realize a basketball game really doesn't mean much.

Should David Stern be calling Chauncey Billups in regards to a flop? | [Chuckles] Well, I mean it's a bang-bang play. It happens.

Does he owe you one? | That's my big bro, he got one. We call that a vet move.

On playing against his former team | It was cool. It was cool. I didn't have any vendetta against them or my emotions weren't extra high which I felt extra good about, because usually when I'm playing a team that I played for, my emotions are high, I really, really, really want to play well. Nine times out of 10 it doesn't go well. You look up my stats, me playing against my former teams, they are not good at all. But I was calm coming into this game. I felt like I approached this game just like another game, just like I would tomorrow against Orlando. And I got some good success. I accept the challenge, obviously, playing against Chris Paul, him being arguably the best point guard in the league. I just had to prepare myself for him and they have a good team over there, so I knew it was going to be a good game and my team, they were going to need me to play well for us to have a chance to win. [The Jazz lost 105-104. Williams scored 20 points and recorded 12 assists.]

Is Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro capable of taking team to finals? | I appreciate you asking me that question. I'm not the GM of that team, I obviously played for Vinny. I don't know in that regard of what coach is good for whatever team. I think coaches are put in positions and they got to do a job. Everybody's not going to lik what he's going to do,I don't care what coach it is. I don't think it's fair for me personally to assess if that job is good for him or not.

On recently-named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year LeBron James and how he has changed since Williams played with him in Cleveland | You obviously mature with age. If you don't mature with age and experience and things like that, you wouldn't be growing. So, I got a lot of respect for LeBron. I'm happy for him and his success. He's only getting better in my eyes. I mean, we're seeing him grow into the man he is on the basketball court. From when I played with him in Cleveland to the player he is now, he's gotten better. I thought he was the best player when I played with him in Cleveland, and he got better three years from then. He's only growing. He's still young, he's 27, 28 years old. I think he's the best player to play the game.

"Now you're a star:" Is it better to be a go-to guy on a team that may or may not make the playoffs, or be a role player on a championship-caliber team? | I want to win a championship, that's my goal. I appreciate the compliment by calling me a star, but I don't see myself as a star. I see myself as a good player, a good basketball player. I just try to lead my team. I don't care about the stardom aspect of it, I just want to win. Whatever role that's asked upon me, that's what I want to do. I don't want to get about all the accolades, I could care less about that. I don't see myself as a go-to player, I see myself as a team player and that's what I'm surrounded by here at Utah, we've got a group of players that's really good and we just come together and play well. That's our motto, we play Jazz basketball. We play together, we play hard. It's not one, it's going to be a different guy every night. And as far as your second question, it's all about winning championships. And whatever role that's asked upon me, that's the role I'll play if there's a championship in the future.

— Bill Oram

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