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Re "Should Dixie's new name honor tradition or change for the future?" (Tribune, Dec. 10):

The recent controversy regarding the name of Dixie College is a politically correct syndrome gone awry. Comments by the school's student body president and other students in the media show a rashness in perception that will serve them little as they enter the adult world.

The school is pursuing elevation to university status, an exciting prospect for the entire region. Thus, a change of name might seem appropriate.

Removal of the beautiful Confederate rebel statue that once adorned the campus was justified due to a regrettable history of wanton vandalism by some with more time on their hands than respect for property.

A suggestion to those students who feel they are alerting everyone to the school's supposed flawed racial history: Work with the administration and other supporters to achieve the desired elevated status. Help in deciding on an appropriate name. Do this in a professional and mannerly tone.

Pandering to racism and other unsupported assertions does no one good and only tarnishes the image of a fine institution and the students it serves.

James F. Oshust

Salt Lake City

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