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I am a retired school teacher and have been trying to figure out how I could ever have a concealed weapon at school. Where would I "conceal" it?

On my body? It would require full, ugly clothes that could hide pockets, holsters and bumps. It would take time to disentangle the gun from its hiding place.

In my desk? It would have to be locked at all times. And where would I keep the key?

In my purse? It would get in the way of my wallet and other personal things. And how long would it take to get the drawer unlocked and the gun pointed at the bad person? (Will purses now be made to conceal a gun that could be triggered without removing it?)

In a locked cupboard? It would have to be locked so that no student would ever have access to it.

How could a concealed gun ever be a ready deterrent to someone entering a classroom while firing a gun?

Faye Hawkins


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