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With the subject line "F___ You" (and I blocked out the word so as not to offend), I received this e-mail from a reader who apparently didn't like my review of Justin Bieber's concert on Jan. 5:

Dear BUrger guy, (u r stupid) I don't understand what is wrong with you maybe you were dropped on your head as a child or your handicapped but seriously, writing that review on salt lake tribune about JUSTIN BIEBER made me so mad, that i punched 3 holes in my wall and called the cops. WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU DISS ON THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED PERSON ON EARTH???? OH I KNOW WHY BECAUSE YOUR UGLY AND JEALOUS THAT HE IS A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE AND YOU ARE AN UNSUCCESSFUL LOSER THAT HASN'T DONE S___ IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I HONESTLY HOPE YOU DIE!! I WANT TO KILL YOU, I HATE YOU SO F_____ BAD!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A CONCERN LETTER AND EVEN IF YOU ARE WRONG IN THE BRAIN AND DON'T LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3. PLEASE DON'T WRITE DUMB THINGS ON THE INTERNET SO PEOPLE LIKE ME SEND DEATH THREATS TO YOU!!!!! THANKS AND GO DIE SINCERELY, A VERY ANGRY JB FAN (Who wants to stab you and leave your body in a back alley by the soup kitchen for hobos to eat you)Die die Die die Die die die die die die pie DIE PLEASE THANK YOU

I hope the hobos show some sympathy for me.

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