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It doesn't matter what Marty Bernstein ("Get smart about guns," Forum, Jan. 14) or anyone else thinks is enough to shoot Bambi or protect our castles. It doesn't matter if they think there are too many guns. It doesn't matter if they are against assault weapons.

What matters is what is guaranteed by the Second Amendment: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Period!

What if I and others felt we don't need certain religions? Yes, freedom of religion is guaranteed by the First Amendment; however, one hour of religion on a Sunday is enough, and we really don't need any new religions. So let's ban all the others.

What about cars? Some think no cars should be built that can go over 80 mph. So by all means, let's ban all those cars!

You get the point. Once a government starts chipping away at our rights and freedoms, there is no going back and no end where it will stop.

Let's stop putting a Band-Aid on the problem and cure the real disease by looking at the nuts who use guns (and knives and explosives) in violent ways.

Dennis Braby

Salt Lake City

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