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Win one:

Editorial, Jan. 11 (Second item): You want some fries with that? » The idea that a state's law should prohibit patrons in a restaurant from being served a nice glass of wine or a cocktail as they peruse the menu is silly. The idea that said state should expend its limited money and manpower trying to entrap wait staff into violating that law is absurd. Yet that's just what is happening in Utah. ...

News article, Jan. 15: Utah liquor cops back off no-food, no-booze enforcement — Dawn House | The Salt Lake Tribune • Undercover agents no longer will issue citations to restaurants that serve drinks to customers before they order food, apparently signaling that Utah's liquor-control bosses have had a change of heart.

Lose one:

Editorial, Jan. 12: Dixie State College: It is time for a new name • It is not at all unusual for a family, a community, a club or group of friends to use words, phrases and nicknames that have a special meaning within that circle but that might not be fully understood by outsiders. Words that, if heard by people who don't belong to that group, could be embarrassing or even offensive. ... The Dixie State College Board of Trustees should keep this in mind Friday when they are scheduled to vote on whether to keep the "Dixie" part of the name as their institution evolves into a university. ... It's time for a new name, and a new image.

News article, Jan. 18: Dixie State College keeping its name amid controversy— Lindsay Whitehurst | The Salt Lake TribuneSt. George » Dixie State College trustees voted Friday to keep the school's name as the institution becomes a university despite controversial connections to the Southern Confederacy.

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