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In "Parks and Recreation," Amy Poehler's and Adam Scott's characters are in love.

In "A.C.O.D." - not so much. They hate each other.

In the film, which premiered Wednesday at the Sundance Film Festival, Scott stars as Carter - an Adult Child Of Divorce. Poehler has a supporting role as his stepmother, Sondra. Really. Stepmother. She's the third wife of his philandering father, Hugh (Richard Jenkins). And, boy, do they hate each other.

Carter is a nice guy. Flawed, but nice.

Sondra, on the other hand, is not so nice.

"I was excited to play such a bitch," Poehler said. "Everyone should be that kind of person once in a while.

"And it was really fun to get to be angry at Adam and not like him, which was hard to do.

The weird thing is that Scott and Poehler had great chemistry as two people who detest each other.

"I wish Amy was in everything that I was in," Scott said.

—Scott D. Pierce

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