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Last weekend I attended a play at Kingsbury Hall. Just before the show started, a fellow sitting in front and slightly to the right stood and removed his jacket long enough to see what looked like a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun in a holster under his left arm in a horizontal position so that the barrel was pointed directly at me when he sat down.

I assume the gun was loaded or it wouldn't have been much use. This seems like extremely bad manners and poor judgement. When I took the concealed-carry course, I was taught not to point a firearm, especially one that's loaded, at anyone unless you intended to use it.

I'm sure this individual has endangered others in the past, just to assuage his own paranoia. I support his right to carry a gun, but what about my right to enjoy a show without a loaded gun pointed at my chest for two hours?

Alton Wagnon


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