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A Layton man came home Thursday to find someone trying to burglarize his home, so he got a gun out of his car and fired it twice, according to the police.

The homeowner called police after he arrived at his home near 2500 E. Gentile Road about 3:53 p.m. and saw a green, four-door vehicle parked in his driveway with two people inside. He then noticed a man standing in the doorway of his home, holding what appeared to be a pry-bar, according to the police.

The homeowner retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and confronted the man in the doorway and at some point fired two shots before police arrived. The people in the green car drove away while the homeowner was confronting the suspect.

As the police arrived, they saw the suspect running from the home and apprehended him.

Police are questioning the suspect and the homeowner about the incident. Neither of them was hurt.

Police say they are also still looking for the green vehicle, which was driven by a woman with an "older" male passenger.

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