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It is encouraging that officials have at least shut down commercial rope-swinging on Corona Arch, but they've not gone far enough ("Corona Arch rope swing hits snag," Tribune, Feb. 2).

For decades, I've enjoyed hiking with family and friends and taking in the geologic wonder of this unique landform. When I first saw an Internet video of people swinging from the arch, I was appalled by the desecration of something that strikes amazement in all who see it.

It gets worse. The people who constructed and marketed this "attraction" installed anchor holes into the top of the arch (shown on their promotional video). Without remedial action, those human-made holes could hasten the collapse of the arch as the holes fill with water which, when frozen in the winter, splits the stone.

I'm all for outdoor enthusiasts finding unique ways to get their rush, but when it degrades other people's experiences and could destroy the attraction itself, the authorities should stop such actions.

Tom Patton

Salt Lake City

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