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It is great that our hardworking legislators rolled up their sleeves and tackled head-on major issues this session. Heck, they've already shot down (pun intended) a bill that would have made it illegal to target shoot during fire season, and passed one out of committee making it a felony to throw up on a cop — and they are barely out of the gate!

Right now before the Legislature:

• a mandate that cities can't ban fireworks in their jurisdictions, even if it means more wildfires;

• a new concealed-carry permit law that says you don't need one.

Thankfully, they're spending their precious time on the important stuff. After the critical stuff is taken care of, then our representatives can skim over matters of little importance — education, implementing the new health care plan, etc.

The sign in House Speaker Becky Lockhart's office must be meant for our legislators: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in a large group."

Randy S. Teal


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