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In "No gay Boy Scouts" (Forum, Feb. 7), Jim Green rails against the "gay lobby" for trying to cut off donations to the Boy Scouts of America. "Homosexuals don't really want to join Scouting; they just want to shut it down," he states.

Green naïvely assumes there are no gays in the Boy Scouts, as scouts or leaders. Could it be that they don't want the harassment and rejection that gays face?

"Scouting was an important part of my life," Green states, yet ironically, despite Scouting's influence, he displays bigotry, hatred and discrimination.

Green says that Boy Scouts is one of the best organizations that ever existed because it promotes in young men "morality, decent character and good citizenship." Why would he think gays wouldn't want to benefit from the same thing?

Allow all boys to become Boy Scouts.

Barbara Bisping


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