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Unsatisfied with his take from the first teller, a gunman demanded cash from another before fleeing a Brigham City bank Tuesday evening. But that was hardly the end of the story, according to police.

Brigham City police Lt. Michael Nelsen said the suspect then carjacked a pickup and brandished his 9 mm handgun as he briefly struggled with a mother over her 4-year-old daughter inside the vehicle. A short time later, the suspect crashed and, as police closed in, engaged in a brawl with officers before finally being subdued.

"He fought quite hard," Nelsen said. "There was biting, fists, arms, legs, spitting, you name it."

A city police officer and a Box Elder County sheriff's deputy ended up being treated for bruises and bites, and the suspect, Brad Beasley, 29, of Ogden, remained in the Box Elder County Jail on Wednesday.

Beasley was being held without bail on suspicion of felonies ranging from aggravated robbery/auto theft, aggravated bank robbery and attempting to disarm a police officer to resisting arrest.

Nelsen said the bank, at 101 S. Main St., was just closing Tuesday when the masked, white-male robber walked in just after 6 p.m., produced a bag and demanded cash.

"There were two female tellers, one at the counter and the other one in the drive-in area," Nelsen said. "They were in the process of closing up and had not yet locked the doors when he came in. The first teller had pretty much cashed-out her drawer, so she didn't have much to give him."

Irritated, Beasley spotted the second teller in the drive-in booth. "What about her? Give me your money," he allegedly demanded.

Stuffing the cash in his bag, Beasley then ran from the bank as an employee was calling 911. Two blocks away, he allegedly spotted a pickup truck just pulling into a driveway near 200 South and 100 East. Police say Beasley quickly hid his loot near some bushes and garbage cans nearby, then demanded the truck from the male driver at gunpoint.

Seeing the girl strapped inside a child seat inside the truck, Beasley and the girl's mother, who apparently had come out from the residence as the pickup pulled in, allegedly began struggling with each other to remove her.

"So there's the mom, trying to get the girl out, and the suspect also is grabbing at the kid. In the process, he dropped his gun. At first, they both tried to reach the gun but the mom then ran away with the child. He recovered his gun and drove off in the pickup," Nelsen said.

Police, now on the lookout for a stolen green Dodge pickup truck, quickly sighted the suspect taking a corner fast. Moments later, he crashed into a concrete barrier near an apartment complex.

As Beasley repeatedly refused to comply with demands to surrender, a sheriff's deputy tackled the man. As the Brigham City officer and an arriving Utah Highway Patrol trooper joined in, the fight was on.

"The suspect was eventually handcuffed and taken into custody. The handgun ... was found in the snow under the suspect and was fully loaded," Nelsen said.

Along with the two injured officers, Beasley was treated at Brigham City Community Hospital for minor injuries sustained in the fight and then released for booking into jail.

Beasley has a long history with state courts, but almost entirely related to traffic offenses and child support disputes.

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