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Fly tiers have been asking when the next Curtis Fry video tutorial will appear as the Salt Lake Tribune's Fly of the Week. I regret to say it isn't going to happen any time soon. Curtis and his good buddy, Clark Pierce, have launched the Fly Fish Food webpage featuring video tying tutorials, product reviews and online fly tying classes. "We have all these ideas and flies floating around in our collective brains and wanted to create an outlet that could document the craziness and maybe give a few people something to enjoy online," Curtis said. "We've gotten a crazy amount of positive feedback so we think that it's been a win-win. We have a lot of stuff planned going forward."The guys are offering all of their tremendous knowledge of tying (seriously) for free. If you are into tying your own flies for catching fish — and a wide range at that — or for the artistic side of the craft, you should be checking on their page frequently. They also have a Facebook page and Twitter handle @FlyFishFood"Curtis and I have dabbled in this stuff for a while, but with all of the new social media, and Curtis' skills with the lens, it just made sense to kick off Fly Fish Food," Clark said. "What I like about it is that it's a pretty laid back approach to fly tying and we focus on being creative as opposed to following some imaginary set of rules. I tie flies because I'm an artist at heart, the vise and a hook are my medium. I don't tie to fill my boxes to the brim. I tie to create. It is also a way for people to see everything fly tying related all the way from basic 101 steps, to material and tool reviews, to watching fairly advanced tutorials. So far we have made some really cool connections, and we haven't even scratched the surface yet."Good luck guys. I'll be following.

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