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On April 11, the great (at times) Minnesota rock band Soul Asylum will perform at The Depot, so today I talked to the great (at times) Dave Pirner, frontman of the band, and it was a good, thoughtful interview.

After finishing the interview, I learned that a nearby intern had never heard of the band, and to add insult to injury, he couldn't claim that he was born after the seminal (at times) "Grave Dancers Union" came out in 1992. (The intern is 29.)

For a good hour, I asked people around me what their favorite Soul Asylum song was, and most only had a faint recollection of the band, while most knew Pirner at one point was engaged to Winona Ryder.

"Grace Dancers Union," while not perfect, was one of those albums that now reminds me of being a teeanger at a certain point and time. I remember that a week or two before I entered the Coast Guard Academy, my family took me to Yosemite, and I listened to a cassette of "Grave Dancers Union" on the way up to Half Dome.

Here are a few of my favorites (with one of them from the under-appreciated follow-up to "GDU," "Let Your Dim LIght Shine") and I hope many of you out there have fond memories of Soul Asylum, even though Pirner sang Paul McCartney's part in the film "Backbeat' while sounding nothing like McCartney.

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