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A trio of robbers executed an apparent home invasion early Tuesday but police may have captured the suspects by tracking an iPad.

The robbery began when a man with a mask and a gun woke a 47-year-old woman living at 1526 E. Westminster Ave., said Salt Lake City police Lt. Scott White. The man reportedly demanded access to the safe, though White said the woman replied that there was no safe in the home.

Police learned of the incident about 2:40 a.m.

After confronting the woman, the man reportedly led the woman to another part of the home where she saw two other intruders assaulting her 22-year-old son.

The men then left with a variety of stolen property including two iPhones and an iPad. Police later found the iPhones nearby but tracked the iPad to the area of 1350 S. Major St.

"The GPS is just leading us right to where they're at," White said.

Police found the three suspected robbers at the Major Street address and eventually obtained a search warrant for the home. Once inside, the officers discovered marijuana as well as property that appeared to have come from the home on Westminster.

Officers had detained six people for questioning late Tuesday but had not yet made any arrests. However, White was confident that some arrests would be made later in the day.

White added that the incident may not be as "clean" as it appears because the 22-year-old son may know the three suspected robbers. White explained that drugs may have been involved and noted that the victims may have waited some amount of time before calling police.

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