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So Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, thinks that gays should be discriminated against to "protect society" from the "harm" of their "immorality" ("LDS silence hurts," Forum, March 18). How typically Mormon to reduce morality to sex.

All my adult life, I have lived in apartment buildings which, according to the absence of state law, have the right to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

The single and coupled gays who have been my neighbors have been kind and moral neighbors: considerate, caring, serving, community volunteers. And honest (I've trusted them with a spare key). Not that being gay has anything to do with being moral, but neither does it have anything to do with being immoral.

With, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is trying to put a kinder, gentler, compassionate face on its approach to gays. But despite the small minority of Mormons protesting for gay rights, too many Mormons are like Reid — seeing out-and-proud gays as inherently immoral, even evil.

The LDS Church has a lot more work to do persuading its own members to act Christian toward gays before it should boast of its new approach.

Grant Matthews

Salt Lake City

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