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Performing arts centers — similar to the proposed 2,500-seat mega-playhouse for Salt Lake City — have been able to attract big names when it comes to music, if looking at the similar 2.800-seat Durham Performing Arts Center is any indication."We have continued to have success and sellouts, even in this economy," Reginald Johnson, interim director of the Durham Department of Community Development, said back in 2011 in an article written by my colleague Ben Fulton. "Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, but there is such a thing as too small. For us, we're in that right range."Here's a list of shows (just the ones that sold out) at the very similar venue in Durham from 2011. Of course, Salt Lake has been able to attract some, including Willie Nelson, Jerry Seinfeld and B.B. King. But when was the last time Neil Young, Steely Dan and Dolly Parton paid Salt Lake City a visit?

This isn't a list made to show what we could get if the playhouse gets built by 2016. It's strictly informative. It's nice to dream.· Disney's The Lion King (32 Shows)- January 4-30, 2011· The Temptations & The Four Tops- February 9, 2011· Ricky Smiley with J. Anthony Brown- February 11, 2011· Jerry Seinfeld (2 Shows)- February 12, 2011· Brian Regan- March 3, 2011· Erykah Badu- March 4, 2011· Diana Ross- March 11, 2011· Blue Man Group (7 shows)- March 15-20, 2011· Wanda Sykes- March 22, 2011· An Evening of Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett- April 2, 2011· KEM- April 14, 2011· Neil Young- April 15, 2011· Steve Martin- May 21, 2011· Spamalot (2 shows)- May 24 – 25, 2011· BB King- June 3, 2011· Martin Lawrence- June 19, 2011· Dolly Parton- August 2, 2011· Steely Dan- August 4, 2011· Ron White- September 10, 2011· Earth, Wind and Fire- September 18, 2011· Willie Nelson- October 20, 2011· Louis C.K.- October 21, 2011· John Oliver- October 22, 2011

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