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"While national single payer might indeed provide the highest quality, lowest cost care, it faces a huge roadblock. Most Americans don't want it."

— builderjohn

commenting on the March 30 Tribune editorial, "Last chance: If ACA fails, single payer is next"

"Thank you, Governor, for doing the right thing. And thank you, Trib, for covering it so well all along. And thank you, people, for paying attention and letting Governor Herbert know how you feel. As our founding fathers said, "an informed public......"

— Linda J

commenting on the April 4 Tribune editorial, "The right decision: Herbert right to reject water deal"

"[The] Tribune and other news outlets let them get away with it, while we begged you to get involved, to do some investigative reporting. Shame on you!!!!"

— Wild Rose

commenting on the April 3 articlel, "FBI joins widening probe of West Valley City police"

"I am old enough to remember when child care was provided by parents. Of course, that was a long time ago, before we became so enlightened and progressive."

— Mydogrules

commenting on the April 3 article, "Utah child care getting harder to find, more costly"

"That was back in the days of the labor unions when families could survive on one income."

— tck62

commenting on the above comment

"Does he want gay people to drink out of different water fountains too?"

— jazzsax_ut

commenting on the April 5 article, "Hatch says civil unions could ward off gay marriage"

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