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Over the course of its nearly 30-year career, members of the satirical intergalactic alien band GWAR have sacrificed fake animals onstage, written songs about sodomy, necrophilia, pedophilia and mutilation, and shot blood — and other bodily fluids — into the audience.

So naturally, the next step was to do something really crazy — like make a signature barbecue sauce.

"GWAR-B-Q Sauce," which will be sold at the band's Utah show on Monday, was created to "pour on dead things and then ram them into that great, greasy pothole you call a mouth," explained lead singer Dave Brockie — whose alter-ego is 43-billion-year-old Oderus Urungus from the planet Scumdogia.

The sauce is said to have been created by GWAR's rhythm guitarist, Balsac the Jaws of Death. Balsac joked that it is "mostly made out of the blood of really hot chicks." Of course, it is approved for human consumption.

In all seriousness, GWAR, who perform at The Complex, have moved forward since guitarist Cory Smoot, who had portrayed Flattus Maximus, died from heart disease in 2011. Brent Purgason, from the band Cannibal Corpse, has filled in — portraying a new character, Pustolous Maximus.

Brockie, a Richmond, Virginia native, answered e-mail questions about the tour, the new member, and God.

What does Pustulous Maximus bring to the band?

Like any member of the Maximus clan, mostly he brings the gift of completely shredful guitar playing. But he is also loud, obnoxious, aggressive, smelly, violent, vain, boorish, cynical and sexually depraved. All of which makes him a wonderful addition to the band.

Wilson and Warbeast will be joining GWAR on the tour. Is there any tension between the two bands?

I can honestly say I have never even heard of them, so I think the answer is no. Actually, I heard they were really looking forward to touring with GWAR. What the hell is wrong with these people?

In the press material, it says that The Fate or Chaos Tour chronicles "GWAR's epic struggle with an angry God." Why is GWAR struggling with God?

It's more him struggling with us, despite what the press release says. We are perfectly happy to play our metal mayhem for the nice people.

Trent Reznor and Annie Lennox have beaten out GWAR for Grammy Awards. Do you want revenge?

They are welcome to them. As Groucho Marx once said, "I would never want to be part of a club that had me as a member."

When do you plan the follow-up to the "Bloody Pit of Horror" album to come out, and what do you imagine it will feature?

Our new album is out this fall, and is many things but first and foremost it is a tribute to our fallen Scumdog brother, Flattus Maximus. Members of the tribe came from all over the universe to lay down tracks in his honor. Flattus elevated GWAR's music to a whole new level, and we would be remiss in our duties if we didn't continue on in his name.

"Fate or Chaos Tour"

GWAR with Warbeast and Wilson

When • Monday, April 15, at 8 p.m.

Where • The Complex, 536 W. 100 South, Salt Lake City

Tickets • $18 in advance, $23 day of, at SmithsTix

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