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Regarding the clash between the Salt Lake Chamber and Utah's two U.S. senators regarding the emerging legislation on immigration ("Salt Lake Chamber leader Beattie blasts Utah senators on immigration," Tribune, April 10):

The Chamber is right. Immigration reform is long overdue (I voted for it in 2008) and it would be a great boost to Utah's economy. We shouldn't have to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary.

However, Utah's senators are right, too.

The various ad hoc negotiations that have created favorable momentum for reform have been very helpful, but the final version of the bill should go through "regular order." On an issue this important, we shouldn't run the risk of a poorly drafted bill by shutting off access to the institutional memory of committees of jurisdiction.

I am for as good a bill as possible passed as soon as possible. If good will and good sense can prevail, both can be achieved.

Bob Bennett former U.S. senator from Utah

Arlington, Va.

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