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Utah State will be competing in the Mountain West this fall, but a USA Today report shows that the school still has ground to make up when it comes to producing revenue against some of the conference's heavy hitters.

The athletic department has seen its revenue more than double in the last six years, but the Aggies' budget still trails all Mountain West schools. The USA Today database ranks Utah State at No. 108 in revenue against all other Division I schools, generating just over $21 million in 2012.

That's not far off from No. 104 Nevada, which accumulated more than $21.5 million in revenue, but Mountain West-leading No. 47 UNLV had revenues of more than $58.8 million in 2012, thanks much in part to expensive rights licensing deals and millions in donations, as well as a hefty subsidy from the school that is more than Utah State's revenue altogether.

The Aggies are also one of the conference's most subsidized athletic departments, one of three schools generating more than 60 percent of its revenue from school funds and student fees. Air Force's budget is nearly 62 percent subsidized, while San Jose leads the conference with 66.5 percent of its revenues from subsidies.

Boise State is the Mountain West school that is least dependent on subsidies: Less than a quarter of its revenue comes from school or student funding.

Still, Utah State has shown some promising trends, according to USA Today's data. Profits from rights licensing, ticket sales and increased donations have all beefed up the budget since 2008. The department's expenses have risen, too, thanks to increased coaches' salaries, money toward construction projects, and also a lot more money into scholarships - a 78 percent increase since 2006.

But the school is still looking for donations to help ease the transition into the Mountain West, and with good reason: There's still catching up to do.

A listing of the Mountain West athletic departments' 2012 revenue and expenses is below, but more information is available - including past years and a breakdown of revenue sources and expenses - on the USA today website.

AIR FORCE - No. 55$44,490,055 revenues/$43,156,740 expenses; 61.82 percent subsidy

BOISE STATE - No. 57$43,440,905 revenues/$43,172,225 expenses; 24.96 percent subsidy

COLORADO STATE - No. 70$30,802,879 revenues/$30,161,147 expenses; 48.44 percent subsidy

FRESNO STATE - No. 71$30,724,143 revenues/$30,174,803 expenses; 42.45 percent subsidy

HAWAI'I - No. 63$37,879,740 revenues/$40,319,775 expenses; 36.03 percent subsidy

NEVADA - No. 104$21,531,926 revenues/$22,177,509 expenses; 41.10 percent subsidy

NEW MEXICO - No. 58$43,284,573 revenues/$44,321,779 expenses; 41.78 percent subsidy

SAN DIEGO STATE - No. 62$38,003,291 revenues/$39,017,254 expenses; 44.41 percent subsidy

SAN JOSE STATE - No. 94$23,918, 785 revenues/$23,505,166 expenses; 66.51 percent subsidy

UNLV - No. 47$58,806,533 revenues/$58,691,671 expenses; 55.43 percent subsidy

UTAH STATE - No. 108$21,061,242 revenues/$21,565,777 expenses; 60.73 percent subsidy

WYOMING - No. 72$30,226,873 revenues/$30,476,152 expenses; 50.32 percent subsidy

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