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Ryan Kelly with Flaming Gorge Resort sent in this report. The fish on the Green are in the best shape I've ever seen them. Get over there and create some lasting memories.

Green River Fishing Report for May 9th, 2013Flows: 800, current outlook is for high flows to begin around the 20th (this is always subject to change).Hatches: Midges and BWO'sWith the inclement weather the last few days there has been large BWO hatches out. True to form, the BWO's have gotten smaller as the hatch has progressed. Most of the bugs are 16-20 with the majority being 18's. There has been opportunities for good dry fly fishing, but not river wide. The darker skies made for some good streamer fishing on the lower sections of the river. Olive seemed to be the color of choice for us, but I heard a good report from some guys using a blondish yellow color as well. Nymph fishing remains good with zebra midges, BWO nymphs and emergers, and the addition of some scuds. This is the time of year when scuds and worms become more active. As the weather turns warm the scuds and worms will become a more integral part of the trout diet. With warmer temperatures in the forecast we could start to see some cicadas make an appearance. This past week I had the chance to introduce fly fishing to the next generation of fishermen/women. We had a great time and caught some great fish. I added a couple of pics of these youngsters. We watched an otter catch a nice brown and have a little brunch on the bank in front of us. The coolest thing we saw all week was an eagle stealing a fish from an osprey. Subsequently the osprey came back with a vengeance and hit the eagle from above causing the eagle to drop the fish. The osprey came after the eagle one more time and the eagle barrel rolled and put its talons up and fended off the fish hawk. 9-year-old Regan said, "that was awesome! The best part of the day."

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