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"You could disagree and state your argument without the petty attack and belittling analogy. Now we know where so many of your readers/posters learn their incivility."

— FOpete

commenting on the May 11 Tribune editorial, "Pretend insurance: Utah sent off to play with its toy," which compared Gov. Gary Herbert's Avenue H health insurance exchange to a child's car seat with a steering wheel and horn.

"He said 'Utah' and 'leader' in the same sentence. Funny stuff. The only things Utah leads in are air pollution and autism (most likely a result of the air pollution)."

— Utah Deist

commenting on the same editorial

"Even I agree at this point that Swallow should resign. ... That said, I still believe the Tribune was way too early in its demands for resignation. And that makes this latest editorial less than compelling."


commenting on the May 13 Tribune editorial, "A.G. should resign: Office has been tarnished enough"

"So ten years after the civil liberties of the masses have been thrown under the bus through the Patriot Act ... finally the press wakes up when they themselves feel the overreaching arm of the government. Now it's OK to be outraged."

— CIA_was_asleep

commenting on the May 14 AP/ article, "Justice Department seized AP reporters' call records"

"I don't really see the difference. But then again, I'm gay."

— Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

commenting on the May 13 article, "'Brave' creator blasts Disney for 'blatant sexism' in princess makeover"

"The great thing about Utah is that it's so close to America."

— Weston Jurney

commenting on the May 13 article, "Feds block Utah law over police power on public lands"

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