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"This is where I get kind of intense," says Salt Lake City artist Teresa Flowers, as she describes the three-dimensional art installation she wants to build.

"Echoes" centers on a "spiritual journey of your soul," Flowers, 36, said at a fund-raising event Thursday night. It will, when completed, be a fully immersive artwork — ten translucent panels, each 4 feet wide and 6 feet high and containing layers of film on which her photographs and drawings will be printed.

When the piece is assembled, art patrons will be able to walk between the panels, and looking through them see a kaleidoscopic array of combined images. The view will be different for each viewer, depending on which panels he or she is looking through.

"It's about how if time isn't linear, then it's happening all at once," Flowers said, again proving how sometimes words – even from the artist – are inadequate when describing visual art.

Flowers estimates each of the 10 panels will cost $1,000 to make, so she's trying to raise $10,000 via a Kickstarter campaign to make her work a reality. (Warning: Some of Flowers' photographs are of the nude female form, and therefore are NSFW.)

With a week to go in the campaign, she's just under the halfway point, having raised $4,633 in pledges.

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