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I am responding to "Utah attorney general's office: high work, low morale" (Tribune, May 26), which stated the morale in Utah's Office of the Attorney General is low because of the allegations leveled at Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

I have been with the office 16 years and am well acquainted with how it has and does run. I have seen no problems in the office since Swallow assumed office, no lack of morale and no decline in the quantity or quality of the work.

The attorney general is a policymaker and decision-maker on major issues. The actual day-to-day work is done by the attorneys and overseen by the 14 division chiefs. The attorney general could not involve himself in the work and cases of every one of the 230 attorneys.

His able chief deputy and general counsel work with the division chiefs to coordinate the work of the office. There has always been great camaraderie among the attorneys in the office, and it still exists today.

Bottom line: The work of the office has not been affected, the attorneys are doing their jobs and people still enjoy working in the Attorney General's Office.

William C. Loos Assistant attorney general


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