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I was sad to read about a skateboarder on the University of Utah campus intentionally ramming into professor Leonard Hawes and causing serious injuries ("No skateboards on campus," Opinion, May 18). I am glad Hawes is speaking out. This kind of incident was bound to happen, and it will happen again.

Over the years that I have worked at the U., I have twice narrowly dodged a frightening crash with a skateboarder who seemed to presume that I was trespassing on his sidewalk.

Since it is mostly outside regular business hours when groups of young skateboarders (who I doubt are U. students) congregate, most campus buildings are closed. Some boarders break into buildings to access refreshment and toilets. As a longtime janitor at the U., I have seen such groups break into vending machines, gouge hallway floors and add to the graffiti and vandalism problems.

It would be nice to walk across the peaceful and beautiful campus without hearing the menacing clatter of groups of skateboarders speeding downhill on the sidewalks.

Dayne Goodwin

Salt Lake City

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