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Here's what's being talked about this weekend in pop culture:

• Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine mumbled "I hate this country" after its citizens voted members of his team off "The Voice" the other night. You know what happened next: Levine had to make a statement apologizing to anyone who was offended, and reiterating that "I obviously love my country very much," because nobody can take anything in context anymore. [Entertainment Weekly]

• Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert led a host of stars in a benefit concert to help victims of this month's tornado in Oklahoma. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• Grumpy Cat — the internet meme featuring photos of a, well, grumpy cat — is getting its own movie. In other news, thousands of would-be screenwriters in the Los Angeles area have suddenly started pointing their cameraphones at their parakeets. [Vulture]

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