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While at Panda Express, my son recently experienced the scamster described by Don Swaby in "Beware scamsters" (Forum, June 1). While in line, this individual bemoaned loudly in a cellphone his similar personal dilemma.

The man then approached a couple who eventually invited him into their vehicle and drove off. My son felt guilty that he hadn't intervened when he knew the scam this man was undertaking.

Scamsters succeed because we, the public, allow it. Until we make this type of dishonesty unprofitable, it will flourish. Instead of trying to stop it himself, my son could have alerted the store manager of his concern that a scam was being perpetrated in his establishment.

These scamsters are stealing money from those genuinely in need. There are more effective ways to help: Donate regularly to an established charity or distribute fast-food gift cards instead of cash.

Dale Ann Wright

West Jordan

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