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While in Salt Lake City for our annual convention, some of my talented cartoonist colleagues have offered to pass on their secrets to a new generation.

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is partnering with three of Salt Lake City's kid-friendly institutions to offer cartooning workshops to children and young adults.

The Leonardo: On Thursday, June 27, at 10:30am, cartoonist and children's book author, Mark Pett, will teach aspiring doodlers and artists how to think up and illustrate their very own cartoon strip. Paper and cartooning tools will be provided. Who knows, the next "Calvin and Hobbes" may be a kid and his gull-friend from Salt Lake City.

Natural History Museum of Utah: "Drawing With Dinosaurs" Friday, June 28, 1-3pm. Three cartoonists and a dinosaur hunter will be on hand to draw and explain dinosaurs, with a lot of Jurassic jokes thrown in. I will be there with The Baltimore Sun's Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher, and Cal Grondahl of Ogden's Standard Examiner, to demonstrate how to draw dinos while paleontologist and National Geographic writer, Brian Switek, goes all "fossil detective" for the kids.

The Salt Lake Main Library: "How to Create Editorial Cartoons" Saturday, June 29, 12:30. Even though the Library event calendar says "Workshop With Pat Bagley", Arizona Republic cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner Steve Benson will be stepping in to teach with his usual flair. He will go step by step through the process of thinking up and creating an original cartoon. Materials will be on hand for participants.

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