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The root of the homosexual marriage issue is that have we allowed government to usurp control over marriage — a covenant that once was solely a religious and family affair. Government has used its control over marriage to unjustly give different benefits to one class of persons (married) than to another (unmarried).

The homosexual rights fight will end when we get government out of marriage and eliminate the government's discrimination between married versus unmarried persons.

The only proper roles for government in marriage are: to protect the First-Amendment right of the churches to define marriage as they see proper, to perform civil marriages for those who don't want a church wedding, and to provide a means to enforce the marital contract when the churches can't.

If government isn't taken out of marriage, homosexual rights activists will continue to successfully wage their war against the rest of society until they have forced homosexual marriage upon religion, with far more serious unintended consequences, including forcing all churches to recognize and perform homosexual marriage, child marriage, marriage between siblings, marriage between parents and children, plural marriage, marriage with animals, etc.

Return full control over marriage and family to the churches now!

Blaine Nay

Cedar City

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