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Two sisters are accused of robbing a San Juan County convenience store at gunpoint, firing their rifle in an ensuing scuffle, speeding away from the scene and running their truck off the road as they fled — all with two babies in the backseat.

In charges filed Tuesday, police wrote that the women carried a .22 rifle into the Sunrise Store near Montezuma Creek about 1:30 p.m. July 3, pointed the rifle at a man in the store and demanded money.

The women took a 30-pack of Miller High Life and went outside, followed by the man, police wrote. The man wrestled with the women over the rifle, which was fired twice, police wrote. One of the women told the other to shoot the man but then they fled in a red Dodge Durango, police wrote. The man said he could hear a baby crying in the Durango while he was wrestling with the women over the gun.

Shortly after the robbery, witnesses saw a Durango speeding on San Juan County Road 402 when it ran off the road and almost tipped over, police wrote. The witnesses helped the women inside get their truck back on the road and noticed two babies in the backseat. They also saw a pack of beer matching the beer stolen from the Sunrise Store, police wrote. One of the witnesses also heard one woman address the other as "Pony" — the nickname of one of the suspects identified from surveillance footage of the robbery, police wrote. The women's names were provided by residents who recognized them from photos posted on the San Juan Sheriff's Department's Facebook page.

The two women had not been arrested as of Tuesday. They are charged with one count each of first-degree felony aggravated robbery and one count each of third-degree felony aggravated assault. Their ages are not known.

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