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After a long, hot day when even the beer in the cans and bottles at the tailgating parties become frustratingly warm, Kenny Chesney turned up at Usana Amphitheatre on Thursday to bring the beach cooler.You might quibble that year after year, Chesney's act seems consistently predictable. But he has become the heir to the position of beach vibe shaman that once was held by Jimmy Buffett, now that is seems that Buffett no longer wants to mingle with Utahns. Some might say that the Zac Brown Band seems more kin to Buffett's spirit of hammock rock. But only Chesney is able to make a concert such a transporting experience that you can almost smell the salt in the air. It's an atmosphere that not only condones beach balls in the crowd, but demands it.No audience like Chesney's comes to the venue early in the day to get lubricated with shots before chasing down the night with music that is fun and unoffensive. You don't have to think too hard, which is good, since a steady stream of alcohol that day has killed many a brain cell.

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