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As a former employee of the Utah Attorney General's Office, I am fed up with all of the letters to the editor calling the office "corrupt."

There are hundreds of dedicated, honorable attorneys, investigators and staff who work tirelessly for the people of Utah. Let me cite just a few examples of the work being accomplished by this "corrupt" office:

• In April, Prevent Child Abuse Utah recognized Assistant Attorney General Paul Amann as one of the 2013 Child Advocates of the Year for his work prosecuting predators who use the Internet to lure children for sexual purposes.

• In January, the AG's office successfully prosecuted a man who defrauded life insurance funds in the amount of $250,000 from the widow of a victim of the 2007 Trolley Square shooting. The defendant was ordered to repay the full amount.

• In October 2012, the AG's office won $630,000 for citizens of Utah who purchased E-books at inflated rates due to a price-fixing conspiracy.

Please stop calling this office corrupt. If you want to say anything about the AG's office, "Thank you," would be appropriate.

Mollie McDonald

Salt Lake City

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