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I would like to thank the Salt Lake City Department of Transportation for its willingness to listen to concerns regarding the crosswalk on Wakara Way, where it intersects Arapeen Drive in Research Park. A blinking crosswalk light is being installed.

This crosswalk sees high pedestrian use during the week and Wakara Way traffic is always busy. This makes for a dangerous intersection. Not only is there a constant flow of traffic up and down the hill, the only posted 30 mph speed limit sign is rarely heeded and there are six lanes to across. As a pedestrian, there is little comfort that cars will stop for you.

In spite of the Utah Traffic code (#41-6a-1002), which states pedestrians have the right of way, drivers do not make a habit of stopping for people as they enter or cross this intersection. Thanks to those drivers who do, but it feels like there are many more who must get to the next intersection as fast as possible.

Thank you city of SLC! I hope this blinking crosswalk light raises awareness and gets more people to slow down and stop for pedestrians.

Sheldon B. Smith

Salt Lake City

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