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"When I saw the headline I figured the column was written by the lovely Orrin Hatch. Instead, it was written by Joe Hatch, a Hatch with a brain. Nicely done, Joe."

— MickeyBar

commenting on the Aug. 11 op-ed from Joe Hatch, "Don't buy the UTA spin"

"I think Orrin has a brain, but just assumes his constituents don't possess them, or have been trained to shut them off when the master speaks."

— Vulcanator

commenting on the above comment

"I'd much rather be rich than famous. But since I'm neither I guess I'll mow my lawn today."

— skeetersdad

commenting on the Aug. 10 AP/ article, "Chris Brown suffers seizure from emotional stress"

"Let me get this straight. Utah leadership is addressing the air pollution problems and the Trib has to be snarky about it? This is what is wrong with today's politics."

— LiberatedJim

commenting on the Aug. 12 Tribune editorial, "An air of hope: Formula for improving our air"

"I commend you, Steve Young, for putting yourself out there in a potentially very unpopular spot to take a stand for a just cause."

— thejazzkickazz

commenting on the Aug. 14 article, "Former NFL star Steve Young to keynote conference for LGBT Mormons"

"Don't make our cops hesitate. Encourage them to shoot first and plant evidence later."

— jared young

commenting on the Aug. 14 article "Utah GOP head blasted prosecutor hours after losing trial"

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