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I am in total agreement with Claire Geddes ("Gill owed an apology," Public Forum, Aug. 18).

Chad Bennion's comments are nothing but partisan politics for which Utah is, regrettably, very well known. LDS Republican hardliners wouldn't criticize a Republican for any reason, especially the current and previous attorneys general of Utah.

If District Attorney Sim Gill had taken nine weeks instead of nine months to render a decision on the shooting of Danielle Willard, he would have been accused of a "rush to judgment." As it was, he was accused of taking too long.

It seems that any Democrat except the mayor of Salt Lake City itself stands no chance in this state to escape scathing criticism. It makes me ashamed to live here. And, before I hear the favorite adage of the aforementioned hardliners; "If you don't like it here, move," if I could afford to move, you wouldn't even see my dust.

John Paxton


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